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Welcome to the 2017 UMaine Student Symposium: Research and Creative Activity electronic event program. This electronic program includes student abstracts, student presentation style descriptions, and presentation schedules. It also includes a map of the venue layout, schedule of the entire day’s events and programs, as well as details and information regarding our sponsors and selected university programs.

We hope you enjoy a full day of student presentations, guest speakers, award ceremonies, and the chance to network with UMaine students, faculty, staff, as well as local and state industry and community leaders! 
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Monday, April 24 • 10:45am - 12:00pm
Exhibits/Performances – Arts

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avatar for Hannah Babcock

Hannah Babcock

Music Education, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Autism: A Song of Understanding is a musical composition inspired by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which summarizes the entire spectrum through three common categories of symptoms: language, social, and behavior. The piece consists of three movements from the perspective of the child and the fourth movement takes the... Read More →

Aidan Bauer

New Media, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Escape: A Roguelite Stealth Experience | | Escape is a roguelite stealth game, a game with traditional 2D stealth gameplay that borrows elements from games of the roguelite genre, such as procedurally generated game environments and permadeath. No two playthroughs of Escape are exactly the same, and failure means you have start all over again. The goal is to put a twist on conventional stealth gameplay and create a challenging yet rewarding experience. | | Faculty Mentor: Jon... Read More →

Destin Black

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Untitled | | My project explores the intersection of art and science to encourage viewers to look at art and data more carefully and critically. The project will contain diverse methodologies and mediums. The resulting work will produce a multi-media work for display. | | Faculty Mentor: Owen... Read More →
avatar for Sarah Courtright

Sarah Courtright

New Media, Studio Art, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Four Hellhounds Of The Apocalypse The Four Hellhounds of the Apocalypse (FHOTA) is a short, animated narrative. The subject is loosely based around the legend of the Four Horseman of the apocalypse. The story will consist of the elements of famine, pestilence, war, and death, though it will mostly focus on their faithful canine companions. The animation is intended to be around eight minutes long and will be hosted from a web page that contains more content meant to engage the viewer into searching deeper for the truths of the characters intentions and purposes. The way the animation plays out is in a way not meant to reveal everything at once. Their are things left unexplained. The roles of characters will seem to switch and you are left to wonder: who is the villain and who is the hero? FHOTA is meant to be projected both onto a sculpture and the wall behind it. Viewers are intended to interact with the website and enjoy the short film. The sculpture itself is a representation of an unnaturally formed tree from which the hounds are summoned and it will be from this tree that the story will be told through. I've created this animation through a mixture of methods. I begin with the classic style of frame by frame, hand drawn images in Adobe Photoshop. Some scenes I ended up transferring to After Effects where layers they are further manipulated into motion. | | Faculty Mentor: Jon... Read More →

Josh Couturier

Intermedia MFA, 10:45AM-12:00PM
"Dimensions EP" | | The Dimensions EP is a CD/virtual EP that was constructed with collaborative media efforts and combines powerful sound poetry with rhythmic instrumental music to deliver statements about living in today's society as an adventuring millennial. (Warning Explicit Content) | | Faculty Mentor: Susan... Read More →

Silvia Guzman

New Media, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Deconstructing Stereotypes To Create A More Aware Society | | The project’s aim is to deconstruct stereotypes and biases manufactured by the media and society by exposing people to existing stereotypes and prejudices to create a more conscious society. The project is a seven feet by four feet space in which a person is able to walk in and on the sides of the room are written stereotype pieces hanging off the top. The text in the pieces was created from responses given by people to this two questions: what is a stereotype or prejudice that... Read More →

Kaylin Knott

Bachelors Degree in Music, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Music Therapy in Oncology | | In this research project, the use of music therapy in the field of oncology is explored. Music therapy has been in existence for many centuries, and is currently being used as a tool in cancer centers to help patients deal with their chemotherapy... Read More →

Eric Morrison

New Media, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Virtual Rally | | To date, experience with Virtual Reality (VR) environments, though increasingly common, tend to limit a user’s opportunities for social interactions in a virtual world. When users don the required VR headset, brightly colored interactive 3D animations may induce, by design or inadvertently, a sense of social isolation. This project aims to provide a model for increasing a VR... Read More →

Steve Norton

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
unintended consequences | | Unintended Consequences explores the collision between nature and human activity. | | Faculty Mentor: Nathaniel Aldrich 

Adam Paul

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Reflections | | The research and artwork uses subversive techniques and combinations of digital media to question how people relate to their selves and others. It asks how and why we project social masks of ourselves and if these are different from our true reflections. | | Faculty Mentor: Owen... Read More →

Amy Pierce

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Cake Smash 2017 | | Contemporary American wedding culture is dominated by expectations of perfection. Perfection myths of bridehood are propagated by the wedding industry and voluntarily consumed and self-imposed by American brides. I am researching the prevalence and affects of a phenomenon, which I have coined... Read More →
avatar for Amanda Quiring

Amanda Quiring

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
1N73R3573D? | | The purpose of 1N73R3573D? is to explore changing mental focus and to encourage sitting with our thoughts, allowing them form and shape even if they may seem insignificant. The audience’s experience of my work feels like finding a locked journal on the ground, highlighting the tension between curiosity and secrecy. | | My method involved repeated paintings over the course of several months. During this time, I began to build up patterns and a meaningful language of shapes and symbols. The paintings incorporate... Read More →

Virginia Valdes

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Target | | Video projection dealing with dettering animals from eating your garden as a metaphor for how some people deal with and think about the refugee crisis. | | Faculty Mentor: Owen Smith

James Winters

Intermedia, 10:45AM-12:00PM
Drone with Graphic Activation for hurdy-gurdy and human beings. | | Drone with Graphic Activation for hurdy-gurdy and human beings. | By James Winters, studying Intermedial Musical Composition. | I am experimenting with musical composition. I reimagine the pedagogy (rules) and domain of Western Music though extended techniques that I invent for the hurdy gurdy. | On April 26th, or close to this date, I will form a gathering to see how these ideas play out in real life. Public will attend this recording session... Read More →


Sara Lowden

Anthropology, 9:15AM-10:30AM
Ecuador's misappropriation of "buen vivir" This paper examines the epistemological tension surrounding the concept of "buen vivir" and its implications for the governance of natural resources in Ecuador. Rooted in Andean cosmology, "buen vivir" is an emergent philosophy akin to the degrowth movement that addresses the societal and ecological limitations of modern capitalism. This discourse analysis uses the lens of political ecology to investigate Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, and his political party's attempt to manipulate and institutionalize "buen vivir" in order to advocate industrial mineral extraction in concordance with the hegemonic extractivist model common throughout Latin America (Kauffman 2014). The analysis studies how Ecuador's constitution promotes responsible mining that respects the "rights of Nature" while in effect aggravating uneven social relations and increasing instability within mining zones (Vanhulst 2014). Interviews conducted in March 2016 in Zamora Province, a rural region near the southeastern border of Peru, reveal growing community opposition to large scale extraction of subsurface mining and document a failure to involve local stakeholders in participatory processes concerning extraction. Such exclusionary processes violate the central pillars of buen vivir and serve to reproduce the dominant growth discourse. References Kauffman, Craig M., and Pamela L. Martin 2014 Scaling Up Buen Vivir: Globalizing Local Environmental Governance from Ecuador. Global Environmental Politics 14(1):40-58. Vanhulst, Julien, and Adrian E. Beling 2014 Buen Vivir: Emergent Discourse within Or Beyond Sustainable Development? Ecological Economics 101:54-63. | | Faculty Mentor: Christine... Read More →

Monday April 24, 2017 10:45am - 12:00pm

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